Local History

In 1900 a small group of Christians began to meet together for fellowship and worship in a
room above the Westminster Bank, now NatWest. Later they met in a room over the old Co-Op in the High Street.

By July 1901 they had formed a Baptist Church with 11 members and in 1903 they purchased the present site in Winchester Road at a cost of £400. The first church building housing 160 people was erected at a cost of £800 and it was formally opened on 5th
November 1904.

As the church membership expanded, a school hall, kitchen and toilets were added in 1908. The first missionaries were sent out from this church to work in the Congo in 1945. Since then they have been followed by more than 45 members serving the Lord as missionaries abroad.

At present we have Richard and Nia Jones serving the Lord in Malaysia, Beth and Marcus Stewart in New Zealand and Howard and Teresa Drew serving the Lord with WYAM in the UK. Joy Marshall is also working in Jerusalem.

In 1952 the present church buildings were erected and have had many additions and make-overs right up to the present time.

As we look back with thanksgiving, we look forward with faith and confidence, believing that with God nothing is impossible. We believe that all things work together for good, to those who love Him.

In spite of the tragic state of the world today we continue to look to the Lord for His leading and guidance; and our prayer is that He will continue to bless and fulfil His promises for His Church here in Walton, that we might continue to bear fruit for Him in the years ahead.