Living in the Light of Jesus’ Return part 3: Confidence, Concerns, Calling in the Light of Christ’s Return

Steve Austin-Sparks speaking on 02 December 2018 at Walton Baptist Church on Confidence, Concerns, Calling in the Light of Christs Return, from 1 Thes 2 v17-3v13
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  1. I am so encouraged and challenged by hearing the truth in this systematic exposition. I am living the way Steve courageously tackles the more challenging aspects of the cost of following Christ. Thank you for your service.

  2. Hi Olivia, Happy New Year! Thank you for your kind words about the sermon; I'm thrilled to know that it has been encouraging and challenging to you and that you are living for Christ in that way. It is good to be able to share God's word and especially that it is available to people far and wide (where are you?). Blessings, Steve.

  3. Hi Steve. I am in South Africa. I have sent you an email regarding the possibility of emigrating as i was offered a job in Walton on Thames. Have been listening to your series since. Let me know if you have recieved my email. Thanks

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